The WordWalk calendar is an organic path followed by all who engage in establishing and growing international relationships,
in planning initiatives with these partners, and in edifying local community.

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Even if you cannot travel, BE A PART OF A TEAM WordWalk volunteers who reach across the planet to make disciples… Learn more.
The upcoming initiatives listed below are in various stages of planning.

MALAWI – Teaching pastor schools in 2017: Ministry opportunity: teaching national pastors
*We completed our first two-week 2017 schools on the Epistles of Paul.  Read more from our team of three WordWalk volunteers at this link: February Malawi schools in Zomba and Lower Shire.
**We completed our second round of 2017 schools, on the book of Hebrews, we’ll share more about that blessing on an upcoming WordWalk blog.
*Our 3rd trip, with 2 pastor schools and 2 women workshops on teaching children is scheduled for September 14 – October 1.
Teams secured, please ask about opportunities to support from home.

UGANDA – July 6-16, 2017
Our recent trip to was exhilarating and exhausting. We ministered individually to 3000 people. God allowed us to engage in all the ways we expected – and more!

  • Encouraging and confirming our partners and their ministries
  • Traveling to villages to lead crusades, teach children and encourage with basic necessities
  • Conducting eye-glass ministry with as many groups as our supplies allow
  • Engaging in Spirit-guided life-discussions with students and young adults eager to expand their language and experience

Learn more!

BETHLEHEM – August 11-19, 2017
Ministry opportunity: encouraging teachers in a Christian school in the West Bank
Team secured, please ask about opportunities to support from home.

MEXICO [Fall 2017]
Ministry opportunity: details in progress… in support of established mission and new orphanage
Team size: 8-10

  • WordWalk travels to venues where we have been invited by established ministries to provide specific, intentional support. Typical requested needs by our partners in these locations include teaching, construction, medical partnership, etc.
  • As God develops a travel plan, we typically set general dates, pray for a team, and monitor world conditions and ministry opportunities together with our international hosts as we plan the initiative.
  • When the structure, the dates and the team for an initiative are set, detailed planning is initiated with appropriately intense work to equip participants and supporters.
  • International travel initiatives are in a constant state of planning, and past participants are often engaged in the strategic, tactical and prudent guidance and prayer this requires.
  • Individuals in the WordWalk community engage in continual relationship-building, encouragement, and support in ministry cooperation with our brothers and sisters around the world.
  • We support, encourage, mentor, and ordain men and women impassioned to minister for Jesus Christ.
  • Even if you can’t travel, BE A PART OF A TEAM WordWalk volunteers who reach across the planet to make disciples…
  • Ask us for details on how to be part of the planning

Local Gatherings are for the teaching, equipping, and developing of a courageous kingdom community, inviting a diversity of believers to participate. Their organic format allows for single, short-term or series events.

  • FOUNDATIONS: Meets every 6-8 weeks; we study the doctrines of scripture.