We believe that the revelation of God as found in the Scriptures is our guide in everything we are about and in everything we do.  We are as broad or as narrow as it compels us to be.  We strive to live and to love as did Jesus Christ our Lord.

WordWalk is a non-denominational organization that supports Christ-focused ministries around the world and in our local communities. We link people with opportunities and give support as they seek to impact others in Christ-like ways.

As we come alongside other kingdom ambassadors, our efforts include the volunteering of our common resources and our individual skills. We coordinate, consult, and execute short-term initiatives, and we give sustained provision for missionaries, church-planters, operatives of education, and humanitarian relief. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization structured with an active advisory board.

In all of our efforts, we know that service to Jesus Christ involves a daily walk experienced through prayer, a consistent study of God’s Word, and a connection to a local community of Christ followers. We want the person and reality of Jesus to revolutionize everything about us as we consistently, creatively, and tangibly offer hope and share the incredibly good news of forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration.