Malawi Pastor Schools Project

Malawi – Dormitory Roof Project (updated 5/22/16)

Finish the Job!  Raise the Roof!  We would like to provide funds and carpenters to finish the job!
We have $2500 of the $10,000 we committed to raise for this worthwhile project.

The gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ is thriving in Malawi.  In the past few of years God has opened an opportunity for WordWalk to partner with Euro-African Mission.  They are teaching pastors of nearly 200 new churches in towns and villages to grow their churches biblically. 

ShireThe pastors in the southern Shire region do not have a teaching location large enough or close enough to meet for learning.  They gathered creatively when teachers traveled to meet with them in smaller groups.


When land and funds were provided to start building in their region, the Malawians got to work, and now three, single-story structures and a wall have been completed!  But funding to finish the roofs is needed.

Shire Buildingshire wall





Last year Zomba ClassWordWalk sent funds and carpenters to build a roof over a two-story structure on the side of a mountain in Zomba in central Malawi.  This houses classroom, dormitory and office facilities for an eventual Bible University.  In January of this year, WordWalk sent teachers who taught the book of Acts in this new facility.  Our teachers who were with these same men the year before in cramped, distracting, uncomfortable locations are witness to the improved learning and response an actual classroom makes.


Malawi – Dormitory Roof Project (updated 6/25/15)

Trip Report & Pictures: The roof is up…..paid for…..prayed for…..and completed.

IMG_5751The small Central African Republic of Malawi is located in a region of civil strife, wars, and violent politics; but this country remains peaceful and friendly. The people speak Chichewan and some English. Most survive through agriculture which is vulnerable to the extremes of drought and heavy rainfall. Malaria and AIDS are ever-present as the life expectancy is 52 years. HOWEVER, THERE IS A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TAKING PLACE IN SOUTHERN MALAWI! This has created an obvious need for training men and women in the Scriptures to enable them to minister in their villages and beyond.

OUR CALL: Our partners at Eurasian Baptist Mission have have established an outpost for the kingdom in Malawi. They have been called to train local men and women as pastors and teachers of the Gospel. These Malawian men and women travel many miles on foot, or by bicycle or canoe, in order to be taught in venues that are very inadequate. There have been consistent groups of 80-90 men who meet, eat, and sleep in a 15’x 20’ building in order to receive teaching over a several days. Many times it is unbearably hot and mosquitoes are swarming. A two story, 88’x36’ building was nearing completion. The walls were up, but a solid roof was needed. WordWalk accepted the task of raising funds and assembling a team for this construction. This dormitory facility will provide the Malawi “students” with the proper protection, allowing them to learn, pray, and concentrate without having to focus on survival.

OUR PROJECT: As stated, the structure was 88’x36’ made of hand-made brick, and hand-mixed cement, and hours of strenuous labor. It will house up to 100 men and/or women at a time. Within are meeting rooms for training, places to sleep and get refreshed after a long journey, a place for food preparation, and an administrative office. This is the future home of the MALAWIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE, scheduled to open in 2016. On June 11th, a WordWalk team of four left for Johannesburg, South Africa. We continued on to Blantyre, Malawi, and reached the Zomba region where the structure was located.

OUR PEOPLE: WordWalk consists of people who GO and those who SUPPORT the people who go. All of the funding was generously and graciously provided. The team was well aware of prayers that were constantly offered on their behalf. Four men embarked on this journey. David and Troy were like those skilled craftsmen who built the Tabernacle in Exodus 31:1-5 (Bezalel and Oholiab). Randy aka “Gunney”, an ex-Marine and Viet Nam war veteran, was the ground support providing precision measurements and cutting of the rafters and support. Mike, “Rabbi”, offered encouragement and support in transferring materials from place to place. The Spirit enabled us to work seamlessly with a Malawian construction team, volunteers from Ohio, and Eurasian Baptist Mission (soon to be “Euro-African Mission), to accomplish the task in the face of language and methodology differences. The roof was completed much earlier than we expected. We were also able to leave many of our tools with them for future projects.

In the end, and God willing, this building will be used to train Malawian men and women to minister the gospel of the kingdom of our God in the villages and the towns in their country. Thank you very much for your support and prayers for this project, and for all you do for WordWalk!

June 22, 2015: Malawi Roof Project: The WordWalk team made it safely home this past Sunday morning (6/21). The team traveled back through South Africa and Atlanta – enduring almost 25-hours of flying time. While they rest up and compile pictures and a full report, please join us in thanking God for safety and project success. The roof is up!

June 18, 2015: The WordWalk team has been working and serving together with Malawians, a brother and sister from Ohio, and our Euro-African missionary hosts, Stephanie and Eric Chapman. We continue the task of building a roof on the large ministry facility. It will be used for housing, feeding and teaching men and women from miles around.  Internet issues are affecting the entire country of Malawi this week, so we will send pictures when and if the technology allows. Continue to pray for us as we seek to complete this effort.

June 14, 2015: The team arrived safe in Malawi and are on schedule to begin roofing the dormitory building (88’x34’ two story facility) tomorrow. Please continue to pray for the team’s health and safety. Also the electricity has been out most of the time since their arrival.

Mission Accomplished! Through your overwhelming generosity, we have surpassed our goal of $15,000 for this project. We will “RAISE THE ROOF” in Malawi! We thank God for each of you who helped to fund this kingdom endeavor. Any amount over of goal that comes in before we leave will be used for any unexpected needs which always happen on a mission project.

malawiroof_accomplished_1Four of us, including three skilled builders/carpenters and one coordinator will embark on this journey on June 11th, flying first to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then on to Blantyre, Malawi. We will then drive to the Zomba region to begin the project. Malawians and our roofing materials will be there upon our arrival. We return on June 21st, God willing, and will report to you shortly afterward.

Our roof will cover an 88’x34’ two story facility, designed to house men and women to come from all over the central-southern region of Malawi to be trained to minister in their individual towns and villages. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is having free reign as over 200 new churches have been initiated by the Holy Spirit in this region in the last two years!

WordWalk is partnering with Eurasian Baptist Missions. They have established an outpost for the kingdom in Malawi, as well as in Moldova (where they are doing a similar and effectual work). A great door has been opened to all of us. Thank you for allowing us to walk through it.

Will you pray for us as we prepare? Please pray for us while we are there! We are humbled with gratitude by those of you who come alongside us in this endeavor.

Thank you for all you do for WordWalk!