Bible Story Cloth

Originally designed for use in Eastern Africa, the story cloth is now used around the world in ministering to oral learners.  Included with each cloth is a guide with Scripture references that accompany each of the story-pictures on the cloth.  Bible teachers from every one of our WordWalk mission venues are asking for these.  They provide a way of telling the complete story of the Bible.  We will be taking these to Malawi and Uganda in Africa, to Jamaica in the Caribbean, and to Moldova and Kazakhstan in Europe and Asia, and to other countries.  If we purchase 100 or more, they are $8.50 each.  Our goal is to disburse 500 of these to these countries. Thus far we have the funds for 110. We thank you in advance for any help that you can provide in purchasing 400 more. Cloth size: Approx. 40″ x 33″   Download the Story Guide