ghana-flag-2Accra, Ghana – New Church Building

In this grant request [PDF], you will meet Pastor Edward (‘Eddie’) Ahiake and his family. You will read about his fight with stage-3 colon cancer, his trip to the USA for treatment, and his return home to his beautiful family and the Love Community Baptist Church that he planted in 2010. We met Pastor Eddie in Pensacola, where WordWalk is based. Eddie was receiving donated treatment for cancer and recuperating in the home of one of our active supporters. During this time, Eddie lived among us, worshiped and ministered along-side us; in short, we grew in deep affection of Eddie as our spiritual brother in Christ.

Pastor Eddie has a great desire and call to erect a permanent church building for his congregation. Despite pressing medical needs, Eddie has directed the church to purchase land near Dawhenya, in the Dangme district of Greater Accra, Ghana. Since its founding, the church has met in a rented school classroom, where plastic chairs, a church banner and instruments are brought in each week. Unfortunately, churches that meet in temporary locations (rented classrooms) are seen by Ghanaian seekers as ‘not having a future.’ In as much the church has remained at its current level of attendance for the past few years.

It is with the utmost respect that we submit this grant request [PDF] for your consideration. Our prayer is that the information in this request is clear and concise, and that we have anticipated many of the questions you may have. In the event that a question or issue arises, please don’t hesitate to call or email me. My direct line is (850) 478-2159 and my personal email address is mrollwagen@WordWalk.us.

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