WordWalk, the Concept and Commission, the Compassion

  • WordWalk is a para-church organism/organization that will “come alongside” other Christ followers who seek to further God’s kingdom and promote His glory. Being a “para-church” entity makes us no less the church than being the “Paraclete” makes the Holy Spirit less than God.ww_960x480
  • WordWalk is a network of believers/disciples who generously and intentionally volunteer their common resources as well as their individual talents, skills, and gifts to accomplish kingdom-oriented tasks.
  • WordWalk consults, coordinates, and executes international [and appropriate local] initiatives for the kingdom of God. While on the field we will consult and construct, communicate and confirm, and then depart with no strings attached to our service.
  • WordWalk provides sustained provision for missionaries, churches, and educational operatives. We also offer humanitarian relief when needed.
  • WordWalk intends that no single person goes unnoticed. Everyone in our periphery is significant.
  • WordWalk is about kingdom connections and cooperation, not religious control and competition.
  • WordWalk insists that a daily walk with Jesus Christ is vital and that it is experienced through prayer, a consistent study of God’s word, and a bond with a local community of Christ-followers. The person and reality of Christ revolutionizes and transforms who we are and what we do.
  • WordWalk sees no closure to the opportunities of the Great Commission and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We see only an increased aperture.
  • WordWalk believes in transparency and accountability both personally and in our practices amidst the church and the culture.