You don’t have to travel with the team to be part of the team!
Choose a WordWalk expedition and join us!

1st… WE PLAN

  • Come learn about the people we will be serving and ministering to
  • It is a huge encouragement when you come and plan with us
  • You will offer ideas and insights we may be blind to
  • You may have experiences to add to our plan
  • You may be brave enough to offer suggestions we are not confident enough to believe we can do!
  • You will be better prepared to pray for us individually because you will be exposed to our passions, our visions, our personalities and our fears


  • Come learn about the people we will serve with; you may develop an encouraging relationship with them yourself
  • Our initiatives are rarely ‘turn-key,’ so it is encouraging to have partners during our preparation
  • You have skills we may not have; come help us effectively prepare to teach, to build, to train, to play, to serve
  • You may have local contacts or helpful experience in an area we must research: shots, engineering, electrical compatibility, medical, etc.
  • You may have resources for purchasing materials or finding unique items we need to take with us
  • You may choose to share our prayer and funding letters with believers we don’t know

3rd… WE GO

  • Come to the airport and pray us through security, and welcome us home when we return
  • We often need transportation to and from the airport
  • Pray that Christ will be seen and cultural barriers will be lowered
  • Pray for us to have wisdom, obedience, health, energy and patience…
  • Ask us electronically how we are doing when internet is available!
  • Let us share our hearts and ask for prayer in confidence
  • Share our social media updates and photos to encourage others to pray
  • Share what we are doing with those you want to invite to our debrief event


  • Ask for our stories about what we did and what we learned during our ministry efforts
  • Help us prepare for our debrief event to effectively share our results, and you may have great input on how to encourage others
  • Attend our debrief event; learn how to pray for and maybe connect with the people we touched
  • You may choose to support our mission-ministry partners in a way we discovered while working with them
  • You may have contacts or expertise that could help meet continuing needs we identified on our trip
  • Invite friends to our debrief event to enrich your relationship with them; to excite believers about their own possibilities; to energize & educate others about how WordWalk might work with their community of believers

Ask us for details on how to be part of the planning