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(Map)   Crossing the border from Laredo, Texas, to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, is a culture shock on many levels. The language barrier, widespread poverty, and the differences in law enforcement are among some of the difficulties. But children still look for love and security (especially in the orphanages), everyone is trying to survive, and all of them need God. One thing is constant – the glory of God fills the earth.

And because of this, God-followers have a bond of love that transcends any cultural barriers or anything this world offers. WordWalk has partnered with Casa Hogar Elim, an orphanage housing over a hundred children. We were once informed that all we do on our trips is hold orphans and that we are not “evangelistic enough.” That is a statement of flagrant ignorance! We do much more than that. But, it takes a lot of fortitude to hold and/or to love an orphan. When you do, your heart explodes with compassion not only for that particular child, but for needy children worldwide. That is difficult to process. Take some time and gaze upon their faces.

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