Engage Malawi – 2017

Our hosts, Eric and Stephanie Chapman, have multiple ministries coordinated in Malawi through a network of village churches throughout the central and southern parts of the country.  One of those ministries is the growth of nearly 200 pastors, and that growth includes regular school sessions at two campus locations several times a year.  This year WordWalk travels three times to their country and will teach 7 one-week schools.

JANUARY: Our team of three WordWalk volunteers were thrilled to view both of the campus facilities used to teach these pastors: WordWalk helped with both of these facilities, one in Zomba and one in the Lower Shire.  About 180 pastors were edified and encouraged as our team taught the epistles of Paul in one-week schools in each location. 

From the team:

It takes a constant awareness to frame translated communication through their culture and experiences.  The issues God brings to their priority are often not the ones we Americans grapple with.

We saw how God uses the the companionship of these local pastors to disciple, encourage and grow them within their own ministry community.  Structure in churches is necessary, but God impressed upon us their example as local assemblies to remain spiritually organic and responsive to obedience.

Once you experience something like this, it continues to stir your heart and mind to kingdom action.