Engage Malawi 2016

Wrap Up: January 2016 Malawai Trip

Over 200 churches have been birthed in scores of towns and villages in central and southern Malawi in the past couple of years. This explosion of the gospel has given these sweet-spirited people a remarkable hope in Jesus Christ. The pastors and leaders in these churches have a strong desire and need to understand and interpret the Word of God with intensity and integrity.

Four times a year, between harvest times, our missionary partners invite pastors and teachers to come and educate and encourage these Malawian men and women to be more effective in their congregation discipleship. For the first time, those pastors in the central region were able to use a building that housed them comfortably. WordWalk supporters paid for and constructed the roof on this unique and important facility. This past January, three WordWalk representatives were able to teach the necessary and vital book of Acts in two venues, to 170 pastors.

Another WordWalk partner made it possible to fly two young and energetic men from Uganda to Malawi. They shared in the ministry there and we were able to discuss and plan a future trip to Uganda in 2017.

Plans for the very near future include the construction of a similar facility in the south. WordWalk supporters and participants are instrumental in making all of this possible. THANK YOU!

Update: Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mike has been away from Internet connections in the Lower Shire this week. Today he updated us with a picture of the pastors who are participating in the school there this week. These men endured heat, shortage of water, and no electricity to learn God’s Word; they are now starting the long trips back to their homes. Please pray for them as they apply their zeal from the week and follow God’s leading in their villages. They are the mighty worshipping warriors of Malawi!

Update: Friday, January 8, 2016

The WordWalk team will spend a final day of fellowship before going their separate ways on Saturday. Mike S, Isaac, Jeremy and Samuel will start their journeys home on Saturday, and Mike R will remain in Malawi to travel south, and out of the cooler mountain region, to lead another pastor school in the Lower Shire. Please pray for a sweet time of refreshment for them after a very focused week and for their travel on the various flights and many miles Mike and [missionary] Eric Chapman and their translator will drive over challenging ‘roads.’

Update: Thursday, January 7, 2016

CLASS DISMISSED…End of the first week of school…This is the group of pastors at the first school in Zomba. With joy, we completed our studies in the Book of Acts. We will soon do the second school in the Lower Shire, the southern region of Malawi. Continue to Pray!

Update: Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tomorrow will be our last class day with this first group of village pastors in Zomba, Malawi; these men are hungry for the Scriptures! And they are certainly happy for the bunk room in the new school building and to no longer be sleeping on the floor during these sessions. We are teaching the vital book of Acts; the churches here are living it. Everyone should see what is taking place!

Update: Monday, January 4, 2016

The first day of the school for pastor’s has gone very well. We are teaching the book of Acts as they are in the process of living the book of Acts. The response has been incredible. This is one of the first sessions held in the new classroom that the June 2015 WordWalk team partnered to put the roof on! Jeremy Hall is getting acclimated to teaching through Pastor Gama’s translation to Chachewa for the pastors! Your continued prayers are vital. Expect more updates soon.

Friday, January 1, 2016
The school sessions for around 200 pastors in Malawi have continued several times in 2015, as the church leaders are eager to hear the Word of God taught to them. Representatives from WordWalk have returned this week, January 1, to accept another opportunity to minister with these hungry pastors. We will be teaching the vital and necessary book of Acts. Much preparation goes into these one-week modules: narrowing the scope, dividing the teaching, analyzing cultural impacts, creating workbooks in time to be translated and printed for the participants, and PRAYING! Please join us in that last one because the Spirit’s leading as they teach and translate is the most critical aspect of all the preparation.

Three men have traveled from America, and this year WordWalk has made it possible for two young, English-speaking pastors from Uganda to meet us there. We have worked with them in Uganda ministries and have communicated consistently with them online. They may participate in some teaching discussions, but they will also be learning skills in dealing with ministry administration and leadership wisdom. We will also discuss with them future opportunities in Uganda.