Engage Jamaica 2015

Engage Jamaica 2015 – Trip report and pictures:

  • THE THEME. “Exalt the name of the LORD in the islands of the sea.” (Isaiah 24:15)
  • THE TEAM. It is amazing to observe how God blends diversity into unity. Eleven Christ followers gathered for mission to the island of Jamaica. This included nine Americans ranging in ages from 9 to 83. We joined two Jamaicans that represent us there. We ministered together, then strategized and fellowshipped during meal times.
  • jamaica_flag_mapTHE TASK. Thankfully our supplies passed through customs without incident. These included 220 brand new large print compact Bibles, several well- crafted and beautiful hand- made quilts for babies, crib sheets and crib liners, medicines and vitamins, peanut butter, a regulation basketball rim and net, tools for construction, soccer balls, several hand- made wooden toys, and more. We served in two orphanages, one for babies and small children, and one for special needs children. (We would love to show you pictures of these lovely humans, but the government forbids it) In each place we did construction projects and brought much needed supplies. We were also part of a construction team, which included other Jamaicans, to build a home for a wonderful family of five, one of which was a special needs child. We made substantial headway in the intense heat. When we took a break, we all prayed, sang, and laughed and cried together.
  • THE TRUTH. There are so many stories about sharing the good news about Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Every Bible passed out has its own narrative. Each quilt wrapped around a child is an explosion of love. Added to all of this, we wrote personal “thank you” cards to the entire staff at each orphanage, and to those who served us in the two hotels where we stayed. There was cash in each note. “No one goes unnoticed” is a WordWalk mantra derived from our Savior. The trip came to a sacred conclusion with a beautiful beach baptism and communion together.
  • THE THANKS. Our team was really much larger than eleven. WordWalk consists of THOSE WHO GO, THOSE WHO SEND, and ALL WHO PRAY! Thanks for those of you who provided the funds and the supplies that are now in the hands and hearts of the recipients. It has resulted in praise to God! “No closure, only aperture!”