Engage: Malawi 2015

In January 2015, WordWalk was humbled by the opportunity to partner with missionaries, Eric and Stephanie Chapman, to minister to over 200 brothers and sisters in Malawi, Africa.

There were three venues where pastors (170 men) rode bicycles, walked, or came by canoe for the express purpose of learning how to interpret the Scriptures more effectively. Elsewhere, about 30 women learned how to teach the Bible as narrative to other women and children. Twice, 70 men gathered in buildings that were about 15ft x30ft to hear God’s Word. They sat on the floor, as well as eating and sleeping on site.

The Holy Spirit is moving freely and aggressively in this part of Malawi! In the past couple of years, over 180 new churches have been birthed. It is imperative that we come alongside to help in any way possible. We are taking a second trip later this year to roof a facility (see pictures) to provide a place for these men and women to come to continue their education in the Word and to gain understanding of long term ministry in their churches, towns, and villages.

We wish to thank those who provided for 300 story cloths that help tell the stories of God’s creation/salvation rescue. We thank you ahead of time for your support in continuing this thriving ministry. Enjoy the faces and the places in the pictures.