Engage: Uganda 2014

The preparation for the WordWalk kingdom adventure to Uganda included the obtaining of passports, visas, and shots… the gathering of support, supporters, and supplies… meals, meetings, and prayers to discuss the opportunity before us. The day of departure arrived as four ladies and four men took the first of four flights with the final destination of Entebbe, Uganda.

We were greeted at the airport by what seemed to be the entire Jesus Power Church. What was to follow in the next several days proved to be beyond our expectations. We enjoyed the opportunity of being part of two Sunday services. The love, unity, and worship were incredibly invigorating. The days between included the individual gifting of nearly 500 pairs of reader eyeglasses, the construction of four durable swing sets at the Bakka Village orphanage/school, three nights of open air crusades, many conversations and multiple relationships formed, shopping at the markets and sharing gifts.

Worship was intense and the Word of God was proclaimed in three languages. Somehow the money “grew” and we were able to leave our brothers and sisters at the Jesus Power Church with $8,000.00 to help with a church van and other vital needs. Some new sound equipment was purchased for the worship team beyond the initial gift. Stewardship, accountability, and transparency in ministering were discussed. Many plans were for the future exploded out of our hearts and minds.

  • We will never be the same after passing through a gauntlet of young children celebrating our visit to Bakka.
  • We will never be the same after looking into the faces of thousands of Ugandans.
  • We will never be the same as a result of new relationships formed.
  • We will never be the same after experiencing that our brothers and sisters in Christ showed us the freedom to dance.