Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 2013

It is consistently amazing to see the way in which the Holy Spirit bonds and blends a diverse group of brothers and sisters in Christ to accomplish a task that expands and enhances the kingdom of God.

This years’ team consisted of thirteen men and two women from three churches and three kingdom-based non-profit organizations. Cooperation allowed for substantial work to be accomplished and for a vision to return in the near future.

Crossing the border from Laredo, Texas, to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, is a culture shock on many levels. The language barrier, widespread poverty, and the differences in law enforcement are among some of the difficulties. But children still look for love and security (especially in the orphanages), everyone is trying to survive, and all of them need God. One thing is constant – the glory of God fills the earth.

And because of this, God-followers have a bond of love that transcends any cultural barriers or anything this world offers. Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful Mexican people.

In just a few short days the team accomplished some daunting tasks. They did electrical, structural, and plumbing maintenance at the orphanage where they stayed. They provided a generator and electrical supplies for the Faith Missions Ministry outpost. Notice the huge building before the lighting installation and afterward. They built stalls and added electrical outlets and connections for the sewing school that helps Mexican ladies get a job skill.

The team also built three homes for some well-deserving homes. (Note: all of the homes built in a certain year are painted the same color.) A special thanks to WordWalk, as your donations paid for two of the three homes. The construction expertise consisted of ordinary WordWalk supporters doing extraordinary tasks. The work accomplished was substantial and sustaining.