Jamaica 2013 Report

Team Jamaica 2013

Any kingdom adventure provides opportunities for extended conversations as well as the privilege of seeing team members use their talents and spiritual gifts in a different setting. We introduce you to Team Jamaica 2013:

  • Randy – organized building projects and creatively and cheerfully solved problems.
  • Sharon – a native Jamaican sports hero with mystical powers to hold the attention of children.
  • Richard – utilized his skill and craftsmanship with tools and engaging conversation.
  • Rachel – collected vital information and distributed reading glasses.
  • Ben – team spokesman and encourager.
  • Micah – shared his gift of “spoken word” poetry.
  • Mel – assessment coach and photographer.
  • David – kept our focus on the joy of the day and the God we serve.
  • Katie – there is no task to large.
  • Courtenay – designs for utility and beauty.
  • Mike – observer of God doing extraordinary things through ordinary people.
  • (Your name here in 2014!)

Jamaica: The People

The people of Jamaica are colorful and have robust personalities.  The majority of them have to struggle day after day to survive.  They worship God with intensity and read His Word daily.  One of them prayed, “Thank you Lord for this day…a day we have never seen before and we will never see again.”  That creatively echoed our Lord who taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  As you view these pictures, enjoy looking into their faces and their hearts via the Spirit.  We invite you to meet some of them in 2014. 

Jamaica: Our Partners

One of the truly great thrills we encounter as we engage in a kingdom adventure is the progressive development of relationships with fellow followers of Christ in the countries that we visit. They have the same, and many times a greater vision and passion for our God as we do.

They are obedient to the same commission of Christ to make disciples in all of the nations.  The Holy Spirit does a beautiful work of bonding us together as friends, companions, and fellow-laborers for Christ.  We would like for you to meet Hilary, Danival, Andrea, Shaggy, Zereal, Wayne and Arlene, Robert and many others as we return in 2014.  As you look at the pictures of some of them, realize that they are our partners…they are our Jamaican brothers and sisters.

Jamaica: Projects and Opportunities

Our efforts to serve in Jamaica extended in three directions.

We always count it a privilege to serve those who serve us where we were staying in Mandeville. Then we were able to build a small playground area in an orphanage in the bustling town of May Pen. From there we were guided to a beautiful, lively, and industrious group of Christ followers in the community of New Bowens. We joined with them to do some substantial work on their church.

All along the way we were giving out medicines, multi-vitamins, reading glasses, some play items for children, and Bibles. Come along with us when we return in the summer of 2014.