“Get In”

The natural overflow of being a disciple of Jesus has always been to make disciples of Jesus until the Gospel spreads to all people. His commission to do this is a costly command. It is not a comfortable suggestion or an option. Many believers are in danger of practically ignoring this charge from their Savior. They see evangelism somewhere between a dreaded topic and a canned program.

MistyMountainVillageTyrolAustria We have been invited to be part of God’s plan for this world. There is a joy in honoring His Word, loving His people, and pursuing His mission. We are about to explore some practical ways to help us leverage this commission in a personal way, in a context of humility, charity, and community. We begin with “Get In” and how to initially recognize this mission for ourselves. This is followed by “Buckle UP,” which is getting our feet on the ground in global mission activity. Finally, we move to “Hold On” – as we find ourselves consumed and overwhelmed by what our God will do in transforming us, and in turn transforming others through us… all for the sake of His kingdom and His glory. “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

  1. Consider the commission of Christ to make disciples in “all the world,” as a matter of obedience as well as a tremendous opportunity. We must re-think our perception and bring them in line with God’s reality.
  2. We must be in a consistent process of transformation ourselves. This is accomplished by way of God’s truth (Word of God) and our relationship to Him in prayer.
  3. We cannot grow or multiply in isolation. We must surround ourselves with believers who are possessed by the Spirit and wisdom of God. When we get close to the flame, we will be affected by it.
  4. Get to know some missionaries personally. Research their needs; pray for them; offer your support.
  5. Obtain a passport. Place it next to your Bible as you read it and wait for God to impress you with an area for your movement.
  6. Pay attention to areas of the world that God places into your periphery. Begin to think about where you would go if the opportunity was available.