Half of the population of this African country is under 15 years old.  This exposes them as prey to occult militias such as the Lord’s Resistance Army, and they are abducted and used as soldiers or sex slaves.  They also face poverty and disease, which includes HIV and AIDS.  However, there is a light shining brightly in Uganda.Engage: Uganda - the faces

Pastor Frank “Believer” Mukiliza and fellow Christ-followers are reaching out to those in need.  They are combating ignorance and illiteracy as well as withstanding racial discrimination and political oppression.

They support the school that feeds and educates nearly 400 children, most of which are orphans. They support the widows in the villages around the school. They have a sewing and hair salon ministry for abused young ladies so they can support themselves so they won’t sell themselves or be sold.

Our team went there to strategize our future involvement there.  We have a mandate to return in 2014.  Will you join us?