Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – 2012

We’re going to divide up the Mexico trip report into four sections, all with appropriate pictures. The four posts will be: The Team, The Orphanage, The Construction and The Kingdom.

1. The Team

There are several ways in which one can prepare to participate in a kingdom adventure (mission trip).  Personal prayer is a must.  Each member should also do their part in raising funds and collecting supplies.  There should also be an expectation that God will mysteriously and wonderfully blend a diverse collection of team members into a cohesive community to accomplish strategic tasks for His purpose and glory.  Watching Him do that is a beautiful and encouraging experience.  We had differing personalities, we came from five churches and three states, most were old and some were young, there were fifteen men and two women, and several had unique nicknames.  As the week progressed we became a loyal and loving group of brothers and sisters.

2. The Orphanage

The seventeen of us that participated in this year’s Mexico trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, stayed at Casa Hogar Elim, an orphanage housing over a hundred children.  We were once informed that all we do on our trips is hold orphans and that we are not “evangelistic enough.”  That is a statement of flagrant ignorance!  We do much more than that.  But, it takes a lot of fortitude to hold and/or to love an orphan.  When you do, your heart explodes with compassion not only for that particular child, but for needy children worldwide.  That is difficult to process.  Take some time and gaze upon their faces.

3. The Construction

One aspect of a kingdom adventure is to discern how we can participate with the Holy Spirit in what He wants accomplished in the place that we are privileged to serve.  In is imperative that we trust God in the entire process…planning, provision of resources, and the ability to adjust to whatever circumstances confront us.  This year we were able to do many maintenance projects at the orphanage as well as build homes for two beautiful families.  If God wills, we will return…we must return.  Please inquire about joining us.  Enjoy the pictures.

4. The Kingdom

Every kingdom adventure is an opportunity to watch God reveal Himself in multiple ways.  Overall we make our plans, but it is the purpose of God that prevails.  We form a team, but only God can unify us into a community.  We go with the idea of serving our God, but we realize that what is done in our hearts is far greater than anything we could offer.  We go as only a part of “the church” and find ourselves becoming more wholly the church as we worship together with people of different cultures and different languages.  When we see the gratitude and the joy of those we are able to serve, Christ gets the glory and we are humbled.  There are no limitations with God.  No closure, only aperture!


Mexico 2012 – Video – Courtesy of Olive Baptist Church – Media Team (3:26)