Haiti 2012


WordWalk joined a team going to Haiti in spring 2012. We were able to come alongside the Christian Agricultural Mission Service (CAMS) and in-country missionaries Steve and Judy Revis; who are drilling water wells and teach agriculture throughout Haiti. In addition, CAMS has a church near their farm in Northwest Haiti and also has several programs for the hearing impaired.

  • This years project came together after months of planning. The goal was to give the LaPierre Church and School a new place to worship.
  • Funds were raised, a building designed and materials shipped and worked through customs (last November-December).
  • After arrival, the first order of business was to clear a road up the rough mountainside, in order to get the building materials to the site.
  • With only three days to complete the project, the team got right to work; even camping out at the construction site.
  • Through the Lord’s providence and the team’s hard work, the project was completed and the church held a special service to dedicate it for God’s work and to thank the team.
  • The building is used for school on weekdays, where they have prayer and Bible lessons each morning.