Jamaica 2012

Jamaica 2012 Report – The “Better Together” Jamaica team, 2012

Our God blended a diverse group of humans from two countries and five states over a period of nine months for a Kingdom Adventure in Jamaica (July 24 – August 1, 2012). 

We had several meetings, but were never able to be all together until the first day on the island.  There were many moving parts such as obtaining airline tickets, planning the building projects, raising funds for Bibles, medicines, and various other supplies.  In the process, God was unifying 36 of us as brothers and sisters with an opportunity to participate with what He is doing on this Caribbean island.

Due to the size of the group, we had to coordinate and obtain ticketing on two different airlines, and rendezvous in Montego Bay with our Jamaican family.  We were beginning to see that our God was already working beyond any of our expectations.  Several on the team had been on mission out of the USA, but many had not.  It is a thrill to see the love and the loyalty that happens between all of the members in this common Kingdom pursuit.

Everything that was accomplished was completely attributed to the grace of God.  We made plans, but it was obvious that God was fulfilling His purpose.  We were enabled to complete several tasks.  We put up two structures, one of which was a school.  We handed out over 600 new copies of the Bible one at a time.  Money, medicines, and other supplies were distributed as we encountered need.  Children enjoyed being loved, and they participated in crafts.  Some did research on the Jamaican families.  We were allowed to encourage pastors, teachers, orphanage workers, and hotel staff.  Seed was planted for future efforts in the spiritual, educational, and medical arenas.  Prayer permeated everything we were involved in.

See below the complete photo albums of the WordWalk team, the school construction project and our encounters with the local Jamaican people and places.

The whole journey began with a proclamation from a young Asian boy who was flying for the first time.  As the plane took off, he started exclaiming over and over, “I see the whole world!  I see the whole world!”  This is what takes place in the hearts of those who come together to join Christ in what He is doing on this beautiful planet.  We will never finish processing what He did in us and through us.

Our thanks are to all who had a vital part in prayer and funding.  Those who send are as important as those who go!  In God’s Kingdom there is no closure, only aperture! 

May God’s face shine upon you and give you peace.

Mike Rollwagen (for the entire Jamaica 2012 team)


Album 1 – The School Construction Project

Album 2- The 2012 team

Album 3 – Jamaica

Jamaica 2012 videos:

A video of our Jamaica 2012 team assisting the school children in the Village of Harmon’s, Jamaica with the production of a short drama about Moses:


VIDEOS and PHOTOS – From previous WordWalk Jamaica Engagements: