Upcoming Engagements:

  • June 27 through July 13, 2014 – [M], [C] & [E] – We plan to build a dormitory for pastors to attend a Bible training school. This building will also be the future home of the Malawian Bible Institute which is scheduled to be open by 2016. Our partners have purchased a piece of land in Malawi adjacent to their Zomba church. God has brought a spiritual awakening to southern Malawi. Over 150 churches have been started in the past five years and the mission is growing every week. These pastors need training, and this building helps to make that possible. The construction work will include roofing, electrical, plumbing, and stucco. CLICK HERE


WordWalk partners with Eurasian Baptist Mission.  The hub of their organization is in Moldova where they serve thousands of children every year.  A Bible and Trade school is thriving as two classes have graduated.

Recently, students from this school ventured intentionally into Siberia.  They have ministered to hundreds of teenagers there.  From Moldova, Eurasian has also journeyed to Malawi in Africa where opportunities to serve and to minister have expanded exponentially.  They preach to thousands within a couple of weeks.  Hundreds respond to Jesus Christ.  They cannot keep pace with the churches being birthed in the villages.  They are encouraging us to make plans to come.  The pictures show the eagerness and the radiance of these people.

Video Update:


VIDEOS of the Malawi efforts